Residential Service Bundles


Our BASIC PROGRAM is the ultimate solution for year-round pest control protection at an unbeatable value. For as low as just $39* per month, you can safeguard your home against the most common household pest invaders, ensuring peace of mind for you and your family. 

Prevention is our priority, which is why our expert Pest Professionals will manage your exterior pest control service every 3 months. By targeting pests before they have a chance to invade your home, we effectively keep them at bay, protecting your property from potential damage and discomfort. 

We understand that sometimes pests can find their way indoors despite our best efforts. That's why we go the extra mile to provide comprehensive coverage. If you experience any interior concerns for any of the covered pests, simply reach out to us, and we'll promptly schedule an interior treatment at your convenience – all at no additional charge.

With our Basic Service Program, you can trust that your home is in capable hands. Say goodbye to unwanted pests and hello to a pest-free environment year-round. Contact us today to enroll and take the first step towards a pest-free home.


Our BASIC PLUS PROGRAM is our most popular service for safeguarding your home against a variety of pests. Priced affordably at just $59* per month, this program offers comprehensive protection against rodents, scorpions, wasps, and venomous spiders, ensuring that your home remains a safe and comfortable haven for you and your family.

Here's what you can expect with our Basic Plus Program:

  1. Pest Control Maintenance Service: Our expert technicians will conduct thorough exterior pest control maintenance service every 3 months, ensuring that your home remains pest-free year-round. By treating the perimeter of your home regularly, we effectively reduce the need for interior applications, minimizing disruption to your daily life.

  2. Rodent Baiting Program: We'll maintain a rodent baiting program on the exterior of your home, keeping pesky rodents at bay and preventing them from infiltrating your living spaces. If interior treatment is ever required, simply let us know, and we'll take care of it promptly at no additional cost to you. (**inspection and rodent exclusion work may be additional)

  3. Optional Termite Protection: For added peace of mind, you have the option to add Termite Protection with Sentricon Always Active at any time for a one-time installation fee. This industry-leading termite protection system is the only colony elimination system in the business, providing unparalleled defense against these destructive pests.


Our ADVANCE PROGRAM is the pest control maintenance program where your peace of mind meets comprehensive protection all for as low as $128* a month.

In our commitment to safeguarding your home and loved ones, we've designed the Advance Program to encompass all the benefits of our Basic Plus Program while elevating your defense against pesky mosquitoes.

With the Advance Program, you'll receive monthly mosquito treatments from April to October, utilizing the innovative and highly effective In2Care Mosquito System. This revolutionary system offers unparalleled mosquito control, harnessing the power of nature without compromising safety. Unlike traditional methods, the In2Care Mosquito System is gentle on your family, pets, and plants, providing you with a worry-free environment to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

However, we understand that preferences vary, which is why we offer you the flexibility to choose between our all-natural In2Care treatment or conventional mosquito products, at no additional cost. Whether you prioritize eco-friendliness or prefer longer residual protection, we've got you covered.

But that's not all – as part of our commitment to comprehensive protection, the Advance Program also includes an annual Flea and Tick treatment, ensuring your home remains a haven free from these nuisance pests.

With the Advance Program, rest assured that your home is fortified with the most advanced techniques and solutions, providing you with a sanctuary where you can thrive without the worry of pests. Experience the next level of protection with our Advance Program today.