Flea & Tick Treatment

How To Prepare:

The following must be completed before we treat:

  • Remove all items from the floor except for the furniture. You can place loose items on a table or bed. These items must be off the floor to maximize the treatment space to allow for optimal results.
  • All indoor and outdoor cats and dogs must be on a flea preventative. We recommend that you do not use Adams or any store brand preventative. We have found them to not be as effective. Frontline is a recommended product and can conveniently be purchased at your local Walmart or pet supply store. Your veterinarian however will be your pest resource for the most effective treatment for your pet.
  • Thoroughly vacuum all carpeted surfaces as well as the edge of beds and couches. Remove the vacuum bag outside of the home, seal it in plastic and throw it away immediately after vacuuming.

The following must be done the day of the treatment:

  • Cover fish tanks with a wet towel or cloth and turn off the aerator.
  • Cover bird cages with a cloth.
  • Arrange to have your pet treated while our technician is treating your home.
  • You and your pets must stay away from the home while the treated areas dry. At least 2 hours but maybe longer on cooler, more humid days.

Do the following after our treatment:

  • Uncover bird cage and fish tanks and turn on aerator.
  • Wash pet’s bedding in hot water prior to use.
  • Wash all lines in hot water prior to going to bed.
  • VERY IMPORTANT – You must thoroughly vacuum every day for the next 14 days. This includes the baseboards, corners of the rooms, behind furniture, couches, chairs, and corners of the beds. Remove the vacuum bag outside of the home, seal it in plastic and throw it away immediately after vacuuming.


We apply two types of product to the floor areas. One is a long lasting pesticide to kill the adult fleas. The second is an IGR, and insect growth regulator that will prevent the larvae from developing into adults. Neither of these products will kill the flea in the pupa stage (cocoon stage). This is why it is imperative that daily, thorough vacuuming occurs. The vacuum stimulates the flea to leave this stage which will expose them to the pesticide. It is not uncommon to see fleas up to 45 days to 6 weeks after treatment. Once the initial treatment has been performed, we will return and retreat if necessary and activity is still visible to the technician. However, we ask that you allow a minimum of 45 days before requesting a reservice.

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