Bed Bug Treatment Preparation

signs of bed bugs

How To Prepare:

  1. Remove all bed linens, pillowcases, bed pads, curtains, and furniture dressings (i.e. sofa covers) and place in large bags and double knot. Please do this in the same room where the bed bugs have been found so as not to transport any bed bugs to another room. Wash bagged contents in hot water temperature above 120 degrees and dry using the hottest dry cycle available.
  2. Make sure that everything is away from the walls in order for the technician to treat.
  3. Empty closets, bedside tables and bureau drawers for inspection and treatment. Place items in clean plastic bags and double knot the bags and wash clothing as indicated in #1.
  4. Make room perimeter accessible for inspection and treatment by moving items away from the wall to the center of the room.
  5. Remove pictures, clocks, posters and other wall hangings for inspection and treatment.
  6. Remove everything off the floor, especially in rooms where bed bugs are suspected.
  7. Make sure locked rooms and closets are emptied and open for inspection and treatment.
  8. Cover fish tanks with a towel or plastic.
  9. Remove all pets from the structure to be treated. The pets must remain out of the structure for a minimum of 4 hours. The structure should be aired out prior to bringing pets back in.
  10. If possible, remain “packed-up” for your follow-up chemical treatment. People & pets must leave the area during treatment for at least 4 hours.
  11. Should you have any items in your home that may be stained or defaced by water, please identify these items prior to the service being performed. We will avoid any areas that may be harmed, but can accept no liability for damage done to areas that were not specified. The more preparation that is done, the more effective the treatment will be. Little to no preparation will result in poor control results. The effect of the treatment will be apparent in the first few days, with longer term control taking a couple of weeks or more (depending on pre-treatment preparations made and the size of the infestation.)


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