Texas Wildlife Removal Solutions

When wildlife invades your home or business, you want to remove the interlopers as quickly and efficiently as possible. Seeking the help of wildlife removal specialists is your best bet for accomplishing this goal. AJB Pest & Termite has a proven three-step system for freeing you of unwanted pests.

Texas Wildlife Removal Solutions

1. Inspection

Inspection of the property, both interior and exterior, is the most important part of pest removal. By examining teeth marks, droppings, and other clues left by nuisance animals it allows us to determine the animal species, where they are entering and exiting the building, and what trapping methods will be ideal for their capture.

2. Trapping

The inspection process makes baiting and trapping the animals more effective. The time our professionals spend investigating the wildlife activity makes it possible to pinpoint the required placement of traps. The monitoring of traps to ensure the removal of all of the animals in the building can be a lengthy process but it is necessary to get the desired results.

3. Exclusion and Repair

AJB Pests & Termite is there every step of the way. Once the trapping process has been completed, any damage to your home or business will be repaired by us as part of the wildlife removal service. Exclusion techniques are also imperative to prevent further pest activity in the building. Fixing known entry points for pests make it less likely for them to inhabit the structure in the future.

If you are experiencing problematic wildlife activity in your home or at your business, contact us today for more information about our services and to receive a quote.