How Roaches Affect Your Home and Life

The cockroach is one of the most common household pests. These insects are not only creepy, but they can also pose hazards to human health. Here are some ways cockroaches affect homes, and why elimination and prevention are so important.

How Roaches Affect Your Home and Life

  • Smell

Cockroaches emit a secretion from their mouths and body glands. This clings to whatever it touches and produces a foul odor. On its own, the odor isn’t hazardous; however, the secretion can be.

  • Disease

Cockroaches not only carry diseases, they also spread them. Roaches carry a variety of organisms, bacteria, and viruses that can cause salmonella, plague, and other diseases. As they crawl through drains and garbage, they also pick up dangerous bacteria and deposit it along counters, dishes, and other food surfaces.

  • Allergies

Cockroaches can cause allergies of the skin and respiratory system. This could be because of the parasite eggs they carry on their bodies. Shed body parts and feces left behind also cause allergies.

  • Large Numbers

These foul creatures tend to live and travel in masses. This means that where there is one, there’s likely much more close by. This infestation increases the potential health hazards that roaches pose to humans.

If you see a cockroach, it may make your skin crawl. However, the effect roaches can have on your life goes far beyond giving you the creeps. Because they are sneaky, dirty, and usually large in number, cockroaches have the ability to spread filth and disease throughout your family’s home with ease.

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