It’s Mosquito Season Once Again

Mosquitoes are pesky creatures that find a way into homes, pool parties, cookouts, and just about any other summer activity. At times, they can seem impossible to get rid of, acting as a constant nuisance in the warmer parts of the year. Furthermore, mosquitoes are more than just annoying, they carry diseases that can be extremely dangerous if one is bitten. The problem is not only limited to humans, the little insects can even cause heartworms in beloved pets. Therefore, it is important to know what you can do to minimize the impact of mosquitoes in your life this summer.

It's Mosquito Season Once Again

1. Minimize standing water around your home– Mosquitoes are naturally attracted to water sources, and while it may be difficult to eliminate water in your yard entirely, preventing standing water in the area around doors and windows can help drastically.

2. Trim your bushes– As lovely as the bushes around your home may look, they can serve as the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Prevent this from happening by keeping the bushes short and manageable.

3. Use Bug Spray– This seems obvious, but in the summer it is important that you spray yourself with mosquito repellent. Bug Spray can help to minimize your chances of getting bitten while enjoying outdoor activities.

4. Protect your Pets– Everyone loves their pets, keep your furry friends on heartworm medication and give them shelter from mosquitoes in the hot summer months.

Mosquitoes are pesky, but you can limit the impact these little bugs have on your life and protect your home and family. For more information on mosquito protection, as well as other pest control, visit AJB Pest and Termite.