3 Steps to Rid Your House of Mice

It starts small: phantom noises in the middle of the night; a missing apple from the table; is that skittering in the wall? And then the undeniable proof: droppings in the hall. Rid the mice in your home.

3 Steps to Rid Your House of Mice

Once you’ve established that mice are living in your house, it is imperative to act quickly. Mice are curious and will get into every corner or space they find. They eat through cardboard and plastic to get to the food. They carry disease (salmonella, hantavirus, and others) all over the house. And most important, they reproduce very quickly. Two mice can become a large family within a few short weeks.

What steps can you take to get rid of them?

  1. Thoroughly clean your house. You want to make your home uncomfortable for the mice. They won’t come into or leave, a location without food and warmth. Make sure you’re wiping down counters, sweeping and vacuuming floors and clearing clutter frequently, possibly several times per day. Keep food sealed and put away. Locate the mouse’s nest and clean it out. Sanitize any counters and cabinets where mice have been.
  2. Clear outside the house. You want to make your yard as uncomfortable to the mice as your house. Clean up your landscaping and trim the bushes, especially near the house. Tightly cover all outdoor trash containers. Organize sheds and garages to eliminate hiding places where mice may want to live and breed.
  3. Call in the experts. Mice instinctually stay hidden, making it difficult to rid your home of these pests. A trained eye will see holes and signs that the average person may miss. Your house needs a thorough inspection, inside and out. The best defense is a good offense and sealing off entrance points to your home will prevent the problem from growing. To deal with the mice already in your home, an expert can identify where the mice are spending their time and set traps accordingly. They will also be able to properly dispose of mice once they’re trapped.

If you follow these three steps, you will quickly and efficiently get your mouse problem under control. Contact us at AJB to arrange your inspection today!